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New Kids on the Block!

New Kids on the Block!

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Paradox Business Consultancy (PBC) was formed recently to shake up the world of tax consultancy. Lots of businesses use their accountant for tax advice but are they really the best placed to advise on complex tax planning? We have specialised in complex tax advice for a number of years but are additionally well rounded business advisers.

PBC have only been established a matter of months, but have already advised on Management Buy Outs, reconstructions of companies, Research & development claims, the best jurisdiction to set up a holding company for an overseas group and group corporate interest restrictions. We have also helped a company who was over a year behind with their VAT reporting requirements and bookkeeping and a company whose shareholders needed a little help with determining the best way to take their business forward after they realised that their company was recently insolvent. A real mixed bag, and this is only a few months after commencing to trade. We are looking forward to discovering the next issue that we can be instrumental in helping to resolve.

Alongside the technical tax advisory side of our business, we have set up our processes and software to ensure that our onboarding process, preparation of tax returns and accounts are as smooth as they can possibly be. This leads to a professional and enjoyable experience for clients when signing up with PBC and when authorising documents as our process is paperless and seamless.

We are seeking new partners to work with, which can include accountants, professional services firms, solicitors, business advisors or any advisers who would like to recommend the benefit of our experience to their clients.

We are additionally looking for new clients and would be happy to chat to any taxpayer (individual, business, partnership, trust or estate) about potential ways in which we can save you tax or plan to resolve a potential problem.

Please do get in touch if you believe that our business could work well with yours.